True Self-Care



True self-care is so much more than an occasional bubble bath, manicure, or massage.  While all of these things are fantastic, to me, they are self-care lite.  True self-care, in my mind, is not an appointment, but a way of life.  When done right, it is a manifestation of self-respect and is deeply woven into the way we show up in the world.


Beyond the shiny nails, true self-care is clear personal and professional boundaries.  Rather than wrinkly digits, it’s a willingness to be inspired, and instead of a less knotty back, it’s a strong sense of who we are in the world.  It’s the practice of actively designing a life rather than being a passive participant.


True self-care is cultivating a sense of curiosity and hunger, it’s seeking out inspiration and allowing that inspiration to blossom into passion.  It’s finding the courage and trust to pursue our passions and not be held back by fear or doubt.  Then, its merging our passions with our to do lists and insisting our lives be built around them.


True self-care is living your best life   Get the shiny nails if that makes you happy, but also do the real work.  What makes you feel most alive?  Who brings out the best in you and mirrors your fullest potential?  Who doesn’t (bye)?  What things make you lose track of time?  What types of play did you love as a child?  Who inspires you and why?  What are you good at?  What are you waiting for? 


True self-care also means valuing our bodies and our health.  It is living in alignment with nature, with the signals our bodies send, and with the seasons.  It is eating fresh, nourishing food and not too much, getting adequate sleep every night, drinking water, getting regular physical activity, and not relying on stimulants (caffeine, sugar, smoking, media) to jack us up and then sedatives (alcohol, smoking, sleeping pills) to wind us back down.  It’s stepping off the treadmill and taking a deep breath.  It’s learning how to pause and to listen.  It’s slowing down and being still.


Beyond being a way of life, true self-care is an attitude and a mindset.   It is an embodiment of deep self-awareness and self-respect.  And its the lightness of being that results from living our truth.   



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