Travel Wellness Tips

I recently spent nearly 3 weeks abroad in Morocco and in Portugal, and am very pleased to report that I was able to successfully avoid jet lag and tummy trouble, I mostly slept very well and did not have any injury or illness.   I was leading a yoga retreat in Morocco, and in addition to maintaining my own wellness, I wanted to do absolutely everything I could to help my people stay comfortable and healthy while they were with me.

We covered a lot of ground during this trip and was in an out of airports, buses, public transport, public restrooms, and in a part of the world that is absolutely lovely, but not necessarily super clean.  I armed myself with the following essential oils and essential oils based products and they made all the difference for myself and for the group of retreaters I was leading through Morocco. 


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The following items never left my purse and saved the day on many occasions:


Digize: Digestive support for any and all tummy issues.  When you travel sometimes things don't move as regularly as they should.  Applying digize topically on the belly can help get things moving again.  In the same vein, sometimes things move through too fast.  Again, digize can help provide instant relief.  Ate too much?  Ate something sketchy?  Car sick?  Crampy?  Digize is your homie.  We used this a ton while in Morocco.


Peppermint:  Jat lag is a real b, so is feeling tired and low energy when you have so many cool things to do and see!  Peppermint is energizing and awakening.  It's also great to open the airways if they are stuffy and it can help with nausea.  Just sniffing the bottle in the car can make a huge difference.  Peppermint is also amazing for headaches and other body aches.  Lastly, it is cooling.  Morocco was pretty hot, so using a little peppermint on the skin (diluted, of course) was a very nice way to cool off. 


Lavender:  Sleep sauce and stress reducer.  Again, jet lag sucks, so does sleeping in unfamiliar places and being off schedule.  A few drops of lavender on the pillow at night, as well as a few drops on the feet and on the wrists is a lovely way to drift off to sleep.  Sometimes travel can be stressful and unpredictable.  A few deep whiffs of lavender can have a very calming and grounding effect.


Deep Relief:  Awesome for headaches, body aches, inflammation, cramps, or any other physical discomfort.  Sitting for long periods of time while in transit can cause all kinds of discomfort in the body as can adjusting to new environments, weather, food, and altitude.  Deep Relief is a very helpful oil to have on hand to combat minor aches and annoyances associated with travel.


AromaEase:  The nausea buster.  This lovely blend of peppermint, spearmint, ginger, cardamom and fennel is amazing for soothing upset tummies and for supporting digestive function.  Inhaling the bottle and applying to the tummy are both effective uses for this great blend!


Valor: Travel requires a certain amount of bravery, especially travel to new and less familiar places.  During our retreat, we took some fairly intrepid hikes, went up in a hot air balloon, rode camels, and braved the sensory overwhelm of shopping in the suqqs.  Valor was always on hand to promote feelings of confidence, courage, and grounding.  


Breathe Again:  Amazing for clearing up respiratory congestion, stuffy noses, and for opening the airways before a yoga practice.  We used this in the morning before yoga and throughout the day as needed.  Airplane air and new environments can sometimes cause stuffiness as can environmental allergies.  Breathe Again was super handy to have around.


Thieves Essential Oil: I applied Thieves (diluted with fractionated coconut oil) to the bottoms of my feet every night while traveling.  I also applied it to my throat as needed when it was starting to feel hoarse from too much talking.


Thieves Spray:  Anything you can do to bolster immunity while traveling is a great idea.  During my long trans-Atlantic flight, I sprayed my scarf with Thieves spray.  This acted like a diffuser would and created a barrier between my nose and the germy airplane air.  I also used it many times to spray surfaces and door handles and even my toothbrush here and there.


Thieves Hand Purifier:  This tiny little bottle was a real life saver during my travels.  I rubbed it on my hands after using the bathroom (whether or not the bathroom had soap), before eating, after handling money, and after touching anything sketchy.  I love how soft it is and how it does not dry out my hands.  It smells like peppermint and Thieves and is truly game changing.


Inner Defense: This might be my favorite YL supplement and is so helpful to have on hand for combatting germs and bolstering immunity.  I took this preventively during the first few days of my trip and also took it when I felt like I had been exposed to something.  For example, we had some water issues one day.  I brushed my teeth with tap water before realizing that this was not a great idea.  I sprayed my toothbrush with Thieves spray and took an Inner Defense.  Luckily, nothing happened.  I also take Inner Defense on airplane days and for a couple days after landing.  


Rose Ointment: Awesome and compact moisturizer.  I use this on my hands to keep them from drying out, and also use this as a carrier oil while on the go.  If I need to use an oil like Thieves or Peppermint topically, I'll rub some rose ointment on top of the oil and it works perfectly.  



Valor around my neck and always with me! 


Do you want to try some of these amazing wellness wonders for yourself?  Send me a note or read more about how to get started with Young Living here: Essential Oils with Nicole.