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Group Coaching

Feel Grounded in Your Growth Zone Group Coaching + Nervous System Support

A 10-week program with eight 90-minute sessions + additional support throughout.

Overcome fear and doubt by learning to take small impactful steps outside of your comfort zone.


This program is for the teachers, healers, coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have a calling they know they must follow in life. The traditional career path will not suffice for you. Your inner voice is loud and your purpose is clear.

You have already taken bold steps to put yourself out there and yet, you are still getting swerved by fear, doubt, and stress. You may be asking yourself questions like:

This is the program that I wish had existed for me when I started charting my own career path over six years ago. It’s not easy to take the path less traveled, much less to stay on it and thrive there. It takes tremendous courage, self-awareness, fortitude, and vision.

The journey demands that you learn to surf the waves while confronting all of your own fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. As you do, you will get to know who you are and who you are not on a much deeper level and eventually become embodied, self-assured, and confident.

My intention in creating this program is to offer tools, skills, and support so you can stay on the path that lights you up even when it feels totally overwhelming.

Mind-body strategies and community support for sensitive people doing brave things.

In This Program You Will Learn To

Feel grounded and empowered while stretching beyond your comfort zone.

This Program Is Perfect For You If You Are:

This is a space for sensitive people who are doing brave things and need support to feel grounded and empowered while stretching beyond their comfort zone.

The Structure

The Schedule

Once the group is formed, we will select a regular weekday time that works for everyone. We will begin the week of August 21 and wrap up the week of October 23, 2023.

The Details


Break Week


Break Week


Nervous System Support Practices

Feelings of fear and scarcity keep us stuck, confused, and playing small. We cannot overcome this with our minds alone. We also need body-based practices that support our nervous systems and create safety from within.

Fear disconnects us from our bodies and innate wisdom. Reconnecting to our bodies and intuition restores a sense of wholeness, vitality, and wellbeing and gives us mastery over fear.

Together, we will learn intentional mind and body strategies to dance with fear, digest stress, attune to our nervous systems, rewrite outdated stories, challenge cultural programming, and become confident in who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

By cultivating a deep sense of inner security, we learn that most fear is actually safe.

About Nicole

As a teacher, coach, and guide, I support people to slow down and tune in. I believe that we each have infinite wisdom and creative potential within us. My job is to help you unlock and embody that so you can know and be yourself in the world.

All of my offerings guide people to transmute their fears and take brave steps beyond their comfort zone. Whether this be through restorative yoga, coaching, or Moroccan retreats, I consider creating safety and alchemizing fear to be among my zones of genius.

Check out my training here.

What I do Best

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