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Mindfulness Coaching

As your mindfulness coach, I will support you to make sustainable shifts in service of your personal wellness goals. I specialize in collaborating with people who are experiencing stress and seeking simple ways to increase resilience and balance. In addition to seeing private clients, I also work as a digital behavioral health coach.

What Will We Focus On?

Stress seeps into every aspect of life and disrupts our ability to thrive. Mindfulness coaching and practices support us to build stress resilience and sustainability. During our coaching program, we will practice:

Slowing Down

Living on a productivity treadmill is not sustainable. Learning to slow down by incorporating pauses and intentional breaths throughout the day can make a world of difference.

Managing Stress

Learn tools and skills to reduce stress and anxiety by resourcing your nervous system and cultivating balance in your life.

Building Resilience

Self-regulation practices help us train our nervous system to increase our capacity to handle stress without becoming overwhelmed.

What Other Clients Say

“Nicole was a patient and kind coach who supported me to develop greater self-awareness, curiosity and openness. Anyone interested in embarking on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and growth, shifting their perception, and wishing for a feeling of greater empowerment and sense of direction would benefit from receiving coaching from Nicole. As a result of Nicole’s guidance, I now have my eyes wide open to a life beyond the day-to-day sleep/work/sleep mode I was in before.”

― Lisbet K

“Nicole was supportive, knowledgeable, and caring during the entirety of the 14-Day Reset Cleanse and I felt confident that I could complete the task at hand.  I was extremely impressed with both her understanding of and ability to speak to a wide variety of topics that we were interested in learning more about.  It was evident that Nicole takes her own health and wellness seriously and that she wants to help others lead more healthy lives.  I finished the cleanse with a deeper understanding of my own body and I feel able to make impactful decisions as I continue to improve my overall health.”

― Megan F

How Does Mindfulness Coaching Work?

As your mindfulness coach, I will guide you toward less stress, better sleep, and increased feelings of connection and balance. Our program will include:

Setting Goals

Coaching is a collaborative, client-driven process that supports
sustainable shifts in service of your personal wellness goals.

Exploring Options

My role is to help you see what’s possible. We will explore a range of ways your goals can be achieved and wrap up each session with one or two new action steps to try.

Motivation & Accountability

Building new habits takes intention and dedication. I will be by your side, encouraging you and holding you accountable.

Download my Mindfulness Coaching postcard here

Program Options

3-Month Program
  • -Free 25-minute discovery call
  • -Bi-weekly 45-minute coaching calls (6 total)
  • -Recap emails after each session
  • -Email support in between sessions
  • -Resources shared throughout
  • -Program/accomplishment summary at the end
  • -Monthly payment plan available ($295/month)
  • *Price if paid in full (save $40)
6-Month Program
  • -Free 25-minute discovery call
  • -Bi-weekly 45-minute coaching calls (12 total)
  • -Recap emails after each session
  • -Email support in between sessions
  • -Resources shared throughout
  • -Program/accomplishment summary at the end
  • -Monthly payment plan available ($295/month)
  • *Price if paid in full (save $95)


A mindfulness coach is a behavioral health coach that incorporates mindfulness and meditation practices into their coaching sessions. A mindfulness coach will typically work with clients on issues like stress management, anxiety, overwhelm, self-compassion, nervous system resilience, better sleep, wellness & wellbeing, self-care, work/life balance, and behavior change.

I am a certified health coach as well as a yoga and meditation instructor. Over the years, I have learned to combine my various skillsets to create a unique coaching offering. You can learn more about my background and training here.

I may be biased, but I think everyone can benefit from working with a coach! Coaches are trained to be highly empathetic and non-judgmental listeners who can guide you and support you to move forward in life. Common goals for coaching include stress and anxiety relief, habit change, managing burnout, fatigue, or poor sleep, increasing self-care and self-compassion, and kickstarting a meditation and mindfulness practice. It is a powerful experience to have someone deeply listen to you and reflect your values and motivations back to you.

Generally speaking, coaching is more future-oriented while therapy focuses more on the past. Coaching is goal-oriented and focuses on behavior and habit change, getting “unstuck” and moving toward a fuller expression of your potential.

Check out my resources page for a list of relevant articles!

I offer three and six-month programs that each include bi-weekly Zoom coaching calls and regular check-ins. Each session is 45 minutes long.

Each 45-minute coaching session will begin with a check-in and recap. Our sessions are client-centered and the majority of our time will be spent focusing on whatever topic feels most relevant for you that day. As a coach, my job is to ask you powerful questions and to help you connect the dots and uncover deeper motivations. I will also be encouraging you throughout the process and serving as your accountability partner. We may also incorporate short grounding exercises or guided meditations. We will end each session with one or two action steps.

Resilience is often defined as the ability to adapt to or bounce back from difficulty. It also refers to our capacity to handle stress without becoming overwhelmed. We can actively build resilience by practicing mindfulness and learning self-regulation practices to resource our nervous systems in times of challenge.

This article does a good job of explaining the differences.

How Do I Sign Up?

Get in touch to schedule your free 25-minute consultation.

“Mindfulness is a way to live your life as if it really mattered and that involves being in the present moment with open-hearted presence and kindness toward yourself.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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