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“To be a yoga teacher is to embody what it means to have well-being in life, and in turn to impart that understanding to others. Teaching yoga is a sacred calling for many. Indeed, it is one of the most rewarding professions out there – not many others can say that it’s their job to make people feel good!”

Amy Ippoliti

My vinyasa classes are playful, athletic, and grounding. My yin and restorative practices balance and nourish. To enhance my classes, I weave in aromatherapy and thoughtfully curated playlists.

When I practice yoga, I feel more connected. My practice keeps me honest- it helps me see more clearly, act more intentionally, and live more compassionately. It also provides a wealth of tools that I can choose from each day to cultivate insight and balance.

As a teacher, I share what I discover in my practice with my students. The yoga I offer is practical, grounded, and rooted in Mindfulness. I love connecting with my students and creating space for them to wind down and tune in.

I am guided by the nourishing power of community, I believe in collective care, and I know that the journey extends well beyond the mat. My yoga practice is in service to the well-being and freedom of all beings everywhere.

Before the pandemic, I taught at YogaWorks, YogaTree, and Tranquil Space.

Looking for some individualized support? Slide into my private yoga page:
My yoga playlists are soulful, eclectic, and made with lots of love.

I am inspired by Off the Mat, CtznWell, Michelle C. Johnson, and YoginsUnited, where the above images originated.

I’m always thinking of ways to make yoga more accessible, less white-washed, and more action-oriented. Join the conversation here.

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