Practice with Purpose

Building resilience that ripples out into the world.

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. As a teacher, coach, and retreat leader, I deeply care about your wellbeing and potential to thrive. I offer practices and guidance that support resilience, mindfulness, and intentional living. I believe in putting our practice into action to create a kinder and more equitable world for everyone. My hope is to share practical wisdom, accessible, embodied movement, and purposeful adventures. Yalla, let’s flow!

Practice with Purpose Means

  • Cultivating inner calm so we can be kinder to ourselves and everyone around us
  • Having a larger lens in mind. As we become more composed, considering how we can contribute to our local and global communities
  • Not using these practices as an escapism, but rather as a resource, so we can pay attention and take intentional action
  • Creating a life that is aligned with our values, talents, and passions
  • Slowing down, seeking balance, increasing sustainability and decreasing autopilot

Mindful Travel

Special small group tours and unique vacations for curious and conscious travelers!

Morocco Yoga Retreat

Meaningful immersions and mindful travels are waiting for you. Book your Morocco retreat and get ready to put your yoga in action!

Morocco Art Retreat

Exclusive, artisan-lead adventures. Book your Morocco retreat and discover the creative heartbeat of Morocco!

istanbul yoga retreat may 2022

Turkey Yoga Retreat

 New dates coming soon! Cultural appreciation, nature, social impact, community. Book your Turkey retreat and start packing for the experience of a lifetime!

✶˚✧ Wondering why Middle East vacations? Read more here ✧。✶

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Mindfulness Coaching

A mindfulness coach is a collaborative partner who facilitates behavior changes that lead to greater health and wellbeing. A coach’s role is to connect the dots between where you are now and where you want to be by leveraging your unique strengths, values, and resources.

Curious about coaching? Schedule a free 25-minute session!

Mindful Movement

The movement I offer is practical, grounded, and rooted in mindfulness. In a fast world, slowing down and moving with intention is powerful.  I aim to build a space where everyone in the community feels welcome, seen, embraced, and respected.

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Upcoming Middle East & North Africa Yoga Retreats

Take your yoga off the mat and into the world!

Morocco Adventure

Immerse yourself in the vibrancy and hospitality of Morocco.

Explore Turkey

Discover the fascinating history & cultures of Turkey.

Discover Jordan

Travel the beautiful ancient trade routes of Jordan.

As Seen In

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“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”

Mary Oliver

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