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Middle East & North Africa Yoga Retreats

Take your yoga off the mat and into the world. Meaningful immersions and mindful travels are waiting for you. Book your Moroccan retreat and get ready to put your yoga in action!

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Mindfulness & Calm Coaching

Stress seeps into every aspect of life and disrupts our ability to thrive. Mindfulness practices support us to build stress resilience and sustainability. As your coach, I will guide you toward less stress, better sleep, and increased feelings of connection and balance.


The yoga I offer is practical, grounded, and rooted in mindfulness. Chanting, manifesting and woo woo don’t resonate. Building a space where everyone in the community feels welcome, seen, embraced, and respected does.

nicole griffin wellness yoga oakland
nicole griffin wellness yoga oakland health wellness coaching

The first time I took a yoga class with Nicole I immediately connected to her warmth, presence and creative style of teaching. She is one of the kindest and most thoughtful yogis I know and she soon became a favorite teacher at my local yoga studio. I love her sequencing of both vinyasa and yin style flows and her ability to hold space. Nicole’s classes stand out as she often uses essential oils to support her students, has awesome playlists, and gives the most divine massages in savasana. Over the years she has become a mentor and a friend and I admire her continued dedication to take more trainings and grow her own practice and teaching. I look forward to a time where I get to practice with her again in person!

-Seline M

Nicole’s yoga classes are spacious, capacious, and healing. Her ability to pace her classes so seamlessly with coordinated movement and breathing does magic. Accompanying the movement with gentle invitations to look inwards while listening to the best playlists ever was always a treat. Her 50 minute classes are hands down the most deliciously paced yoga classes I have been to. Nicole passes her warmth and empathy to her students. I cried numerous times in her classes, and laughed, and felt light, and strong and floating on soft clouds all at the same time. The essential oils addition was blissful. I miss taking live classes with this teacher extraordinaire!

-Lana S

I first met Nicole when she was a yoga teacher at Tranquil Space in Dupont Circle DC. Very quickly, Nicole's calming voice, unique sequencing and approachable demeanor had me coming to as many of her weekly classes as possible. In addition to her teaching, I'm incredibly thankful she introduced me to essential oils, when she started incorporating them into her yoga classes. I attended an essential oils workshop that Nicole offered and was hooked! I remember going through a rough spell and Nicole suggested certain oils to diffuse to calm my stress or another time where during class, she loaned me some oils to help with a headache. The rapport and kindness she showed me and her students clearly showed. While we're in different cities on opposite coasts now, I still look to Nicole for advice on essential oils. Some day I hope to practice yoga with her again!

-Emily F

Since my yoga journey began about six years ago, I've lived in three different cities - including with Nicole at Tranquil Space (now YogaWorks Dupont). Of all the studios I've been to and all the teachers I've practiced with, Nicole truly stands out. First, she is an incredibly skilled yogi - which I find inspiring! Second, she has such a calming, centered presence that rubs off on her students during the 75 minutes she leads them. Then there are the special, unique things about class with Nicole. She regularly uses essential oils and does so thoughtfully. For example, if her students have low energy, she uses something like peppermint. Perhaps my most favorite thing about class with Nicole is the way she leads savasana. If a neck, shoulder and/or head massage sounds appealing, practice with Nicole! And as testament to how wonderful Nicole is, I always make sure to take a class of hers when I'm visiting D.C.

-Lauren M

Nicole has a wonderful style - compassionate, motivating, thoughtful, and playful. She taught our office program at FHI360 for over 2 years. She always brought creative sequences, fun music choices, and gracefully accommodated all levels of participants. She connects genuinely with her students on and off the mat, and we missed her leading our group when she moved back to CA. I'm grateful for her teachings and her guidance in helping me find my path to yoga teacher training. I can't say enough good things about Nicole. Whether you are a seasoned yogi looking to stretch your practice or curious to try yoga for the first time, Nicole has skill, fun, and an open, caring, and authentic connection to offer you.

-Laura M
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