Yoga Retreats with a Purpose

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Special small group tours and unique vacations for curious and conscious travelers!


Does traveling deeper, appreciating cultures and building community with a like-hearted group of new friends sound good to you? If yes, consider joining one of my yoga retreats (yes, even if you have never done yoga before)! My retreats center meaningful cultural immersion and mindful travel while offering opportunities to cultivate resilience through relaxing yoga sessions. I believe that in order to really travel with purpose, we must build some mindfulness and resilience along the way. This includes slowing down to rest and practicing self-care. This allows us to integrate all of our amazing new adventures and embody what it means to travel responsibly. I also believe that yoga is for everybody and want you to leave with some practical new skills under your belt. 

Don’t worry about booking alone either, yoga retreats are perfect travel groups for singles to join. Does all that sound intriguing? Read on to learn even more about my retreats.

Cultural Appreciation

Meaningful cultural immersion is the centerpiece of all of my yoga retreats. I want you to leave feeling like you really learned about the culture and had an immersive travel experience. We will take various cultural tours to meet local artisans, business owners, change-makers, and personal friends who I have met over the years. Our itinerary will also include opportunities to learn about history, art, architecture, food, and music. We will also have conversations about what cultural appreciation means and why it is important when traveling mindfully. We will engage with people who live in the places we visit. As a result, they can tell their stories and amplify issues that are important to them. My yoga retreats are more than just a unique vacation, they are also expertly curated cultural trips!

Experiential Travel

According to the New York Times, “Experiential travel is meant to sink you deep into whatever world you’re visiting, pushing a vacation toward anthropology.” Also known as immersion travel or experiential tourism, these types of travel experiences focus on engaging with a country, city, or place in a meaningful way. This is accomplished by learning about its history, people, culture, food, and environment. Experiential travel allows visitors to go beyond the surface and interrogate what it means to travel. Hence, it is often a transformative experience. Practicing experiential tourism within the container of a yoga retreat is potentially even more transformative. Therefore, we are able to take the time to really process our travel experiences.

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Intimate Small Group Tours

My yoga retreats generally have between 7-12 people and are intentionally small and intimate. This allows us to move around with agility and to hold space for each person during our daily yoga sessions. Our special small group tours are perfect travel groups for singles, couples, or friends. There are many other opportunities out there for single travel groups. However, the feeling of community we cultivate on my retreats is the special sauce that sets us apart. One of my favorite parts of leading retreats is watching everyone bond throughout the trip. Even if you book a yoga retreat alone, you will leave with a group of brand new friends! Yoga retreats are versatile and inclusive and offer unique group travel experiences for singles and pairs.

Yoga for Everyone

Like I said before, the relaxing yoga I offer on my retreats is the real special sauce.  Our daily mindful movement sessions allow us to cultivate resilience. In turn, we are able to experience the places we visit on a deeper level. I believe that yoga is for everyone and offer practices that are accessible and inclusive to all. Please do not feel intimidated by the yoga portion of the retreat and know that you do not need any prior yoga experience. Daily mindful movement yoga practices and beginner yoga flows are integrated throughout our trip. Their purpose is to support both our bodies and minds as we travel deeply, appreciate people and cultures, and integrate new experiences.

You can expect some gentle stretches, guided meditations, and restful, relaxing yoga classes. Gentle, mindful, intentional yoga sessions are designed to support us as we travel and allow us to build community amongst the group. I believe that yoga is for everybody and that we can live our yoga off the mats and into the world. Practicing daily throughout our retreats helps us learn how to really live our yoga and to practice with purpose.

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