Introducing Turkey Yoga & Culture Retreat: May 2023

Hagia Sophia Interior Dome

Blue Mosque Istanbul
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Study Abroad Misadventures Lead to Dream Turkey Yoga Retreat

As I prepare to launch my upcoming Turkey yoga retreat, I am reminiscing about my semester abroad in Turkey. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into when I moved to Turkey as an undergraduate. Looking back almost 15 years now, I can see just how naive I was.

For example, I landed in Ankara in January wearing hot pink Converse and a powder blue puff coat. Having spent the last few years at UCLA, that was the extent of my winter wear.  I slipped and fell on the ice every single day for months, no kidding.

Turkish toilets were not even on my radar before I headed to the bathroom for the first time in my new dorm. Eventually, I became a pro at toilet maneuverings, but that first time was a total shock and surprise. 

Ankara, January 2007

At first, everything was just so different, unfamiliar, and challenging. Yet, I got my bearings and felt weirdly inspired and fed by my daily adventures and misadventures. I felt lit up in Turkey for the first time ever.

From our central base in Anatolia, we could easily travel to Kurdish territory in the southeast, north to the Black Sea, west to the Aegean, south to the Mediterranean, and of course, northwest to Istanbul. It was magical to be able to hop on a bus and explore this diverse and fascinating country. Every direction we traveled in met us with beauty and hospitality, delicious food, and endless welcoming cups of çay

I became a baklava and Turkish coffee connoisseur, a master bargainer, a scarf hoarder, and a fervent, lifelong traveler. Turkey gave me my wings and it is beyond my wildest dreams to go back to lead my upcoming Turkey Yoga & Culture Retreat in May 2022.

Turkey + Yoga + Culture + Community = Dreams Coming True

This extra-special Turkey retreat has been in my heart for over a decade and in the planning process for two years. Through tremendous care and expertise, I have curated a yoga retreat that captures the essence of Turkey in nine days.

Our Turkey retreat balances all that Turkey has to offer. Daily movement and mindfulness practices will support our bodies and minds throughout.

Our Turkey yoga retreat will take us beyond the normal tourist destinations so that we can more deeply learn and appreciate the richness of Turkey.

We will split our time between Istanbul and the Turquoise Coast, will learn about Greek, Byzantine, early Christian, Lycian, and Ottoman history, visit local artisans, and meet with Mor Çati, a local charity. $200 per participant will be donated to support the amazing work this organization is doing to empower women Turkey.

Our yoga retreat in Turkey will be a deep cultural immersion bolstered with yoga practices, rest, and downtime.


Cappadocia Extension Adventure

No Turkey retreat would be complete without a few days in Cappadocia! Cappadocia is one of the most unique places on earth. Its gorgeous moonscape terrain, whimsical fairy chimney rock formations, cave dwellings, and underground cities are totally enchanting. Plus, you’ll be able to add on the ultimate bucket list item – a sunrise hot air balloon ride. Stay a few extra days and soak up the unique magic of Cappadocia!

Join our yoga retreat in Turkey in May 2023!

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