Mindful Middle East Travel 

The Middle East and North Africa is a perfect place to practice mindful travel. Not only is it a beautiful part of the world that will awe you with its rich history, cultures, and natural wonders. It also offers the opportunity to deeply learn and unlearn and to reckon with all that we think we know. The Middle East and North Africa region has been unfairly covered in the media and maligned by powerful foreign leaders for many years. Those of us who practice mindful travel are committed to scratching beneath the surface to learn the real stories of the places we visit. As mindful travelers, we seek to connect with real people, hear their stories, and be in awe of all we learn. 

Introducing Turkey Yoga & Culture Retreat: May 2023

Study Abroad Misadventures Lead to Dream Turkey Yoga Retreat As I prepare to launch my upcoming Turkey yoga retreat, I am reminiscing about my semester abroad in Turkey. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into when I moved to Turkey as an undergraduate. Looking back almost 15 years now, I canContinue reading “Introducing Turkey Yoga & Culture Retreat: May 2023”

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